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Looking for a new website? Tidy Design create bespoke websites for a variety of sectors and industries. Approved NHS suppliers, they take pride in building long lasting relationships with companies across Portsmouth and Hampshire.

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Posted: 6th February, 2023

Creative Individuals, Groups & Clubs

Southsea Art & Crafts

Are you a creative person living in Southsea? Maybe you are a professional artist, photographer, graphic designer, illustrator, writer, or musician.

Whatever your creative interest, a mix of practice, determination and support is linked to growth. Here at Southsea Vibe we love all things creative, and we’d love to connect with creative Southsea folk!

We Love Southsea Creatives

Are you a Southsea creative? Maybe you are looking to network, or join a local art and crafts group? Do you need some creative input, support or feedback on a project?

Southsea Creative Clubs & Groups

If you run an art club or organise creative events in Southsea then please get in touch. Embracing our creativity can allow us to grow, relax, better understand ourselves and even help us heal. Southsea Vibe would love to hear about local clubs, events and groups in the Southsea area.

What Makes Us Creative?

Local artist Michael Jon Ward believes creativity is a balance between energy, focus and ability. There needs to be a drive, a want, a passion. You can read his blog post below, it looks at “what makes us creative?”

Supporting Creativity in Southsea

Do you have an awesome idea but are not sure where to start? Why not connect with Southsea Vibe, we know some creative folk in Southsea, maybe we can help...

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Southsea Meetups

Want to meet interesting people? New to Southsea? Need to get out more? Southsea Meetups has been setup to help you connect with Southsea residents.