Posted: 2nd August, 2023

VW Beach Dubbin’ Festival 2023

Sunday, 6th August 2023 @ Southsea Common

Get ready to rev up your engines and soak in the vibrant automotive culture at the eagerly anticipated Beach Dubbin' festival! An annual extravaganza that fuels the passion of Volkswagen enthusiasts, this exciting event transforms Southsea Common into a mesmerising showcase of classic cars and campervans. With a staggering fleet of at least 750 vehicles ready to steal the show, VW fans are in for a treat. Beyond the breathtaking display of automotive craftsmanship, expect to be entertained by live music, dancers, and cosplayers.

Volkswagen Festival at Southsea Common

If you’re a proud owner of a Volkswagen vehicle, this is your chance to shine – secure your spot in the arena of vehicles of interest and enjoy a full day of camaraderie at Southsea Common.

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